Saturday, December 13, 2008

Be a Hero. Save a blog. Use Bloggled’s Blog Backup and Win an iPod.

Hey everyone,

This is a new company one of our best friends started. What a great idea! Check it out-they are really giving out and i-Pod or cutter on Monday.

Have you ever had this experience? You are posting to your blog, click the publish button, and the very next thing you know the screen is blank. So, you click back to your drafts and nothing is there, then you click your published posts and nothing is there. At this point you are starting to think to yourself…oh no, what just happened? As you continue searching your blog admin for information you see that all your uploaded images, videos, files, and everything is gone.

Living through this situation would be enough to devastate any blogger. Knowing that years of data about your person, family, or business is gone can be difficult to overcome emotionally, but even more difficult of a problem to solve. If you haven’t backed up your blog recently, or ever, chances are your posts and everything else are gone for good.

This is the kind of situation that led Brent Ramey to the idea of creating, “and to honestly save anyone in that situation the act of going insane.” is a blog backup company that is allowing bloggers to backup their blog for free as an introductory product to celebrate their official launch out of beta and as a holiday gift this season. Bloggled is also offering multiple prizes to those who participate in their “Be a Hero, Save a Blog Contest” that is running through the day on Monday, December 15, 2008. Winners can choose from either a 16GB iPod Touch, or a Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter Machine and it’s quite simple to enter. All you have to do is one of the items below, but if you do more you get entered more times into the drawing…but you have to enter on Monday 12/15 to qualify so act fast, or should I say slow so I have a better chance of winning.

Join Bloggled. Register and sign up for a Bloggled account (
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Blog about the Blogger Contest on another blog then notify Bloggled about the new blog post by commenting on their blog.
Anyway, as you can tell from my post here, I have met the criteria and will be hoping I’m drawn as a winner today. You can find the full contest details by visiting

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