Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Our Maycee

Today Maycee thought it would be so fun to pack her lunch in her very own lunch box!! And of course we had to get a picture of her too. She is looking forward to starting her second year of preschool next week!! Isn't she a cutie!! We love her so much.

Marlee's first day of 1st grade/ What the hell?

This was such an exciting day! Marlee loves her teacher Mrs. Bassett. She was so big that she didn't even want me to walk her to her dot they line up on!! We are so proud of her and look forward to seeing how much she learns and grows this year.

On another note we have quite the story to tell... on Saturday we were driving from the Nike outlet to Britt and Chris's house and we missed the entrance to the freeway so we had to turn around. Next thing we hear from the back seat is "Where the hell are we going?" Yes it came from our sweet little Marlee (we think she is spending a little to much time at Grammy and Papa's!!) We looked at eachother in shock and tried to keep the laughter quiet!! Not even 2 hours later we were at the gas station and she says "What the hell?" Certainly she doesn't get this from me or Ty!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Holy Crap!

Booyaa! Holy Crap-Kacee and I have finally joined the 21st century. The old man finally broke down and purchased a digital camera. What happened I thought these things cost more than they actually do?

Today was Marlee's first day of First Grade. A few tears had been shed in the days leading up to today but today went off without a hitch (pics to come).

Kacee is sitting here watching me in a daze-Maybe it is because she did not sleep well last night with the thunder that almost knocked down our house. Actually, I think she is still in shock that I decided it was finally time for a new camera. This is not our first digital camera...our first was a Wal-Mart special that did us proud for a grand total of about 50 pictures...if that. Needless to say I was not thrilled with my last purchase but I think this one will be a bit better.

Well, it is just past 10:30 and this old man is trrd. Later.