Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the latest...

Just wanted to give a big thanks to Brooke (my sis-in-law) for taking the cutest pictures of our girls. They turned out so cute. We love them.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Alright so Kacee posted a smidge (who knows if that is how you really spell that or if it is even a word...) about our relay race we did last Saturday. Hopefully there will be more pictures to come from Aunt Michelle. First, Kacee and I had a great time hanging out together and doing something hard and fun. We left Vegas on Thursady night and drove to Utah for the second time in two weeks. We hung out in Orem Friday until Jared, my cousin met up with us and we drove to Logan. When we go to Logan to check in for the race and get our timing chip it looked like a line for a new Disneyland ride. I did not know there were that many crazy people...I felt right at home. We made it throught the line and got checked in so we were official. We then met up for dinner with My Uncle Dave and some of his family who were also doing the race. We had some good eats and then went to Lisa Rameys' parents house for the night. Lisa's dad was hilarious. I guess we stayed in the "noisy room" from what he said. We woke up at dark thirty and made our way toward the starting line to cheer on my cousin-in-law Dan who rode the first leg of the race-34 miles. We missed him at the start but made it to the hand off point in Preston Idaho. In Preston I hopped on the bike and rode the next leg of 46 miles. 46 miles is not that hard unless 28 of those miles are uphill but I survived. The next hand off point was Montpeilier where I had really busted my tail to get to. When I arrived I saw my Uncle Brent and Aunt Michelle there but no other riders...They were stuck in traffic. So my thinking I would give it all I had into Montpeilier did not work so well because I had to keep going. And when I say going-I mean UP. Pretty soon Brent and Michelle brought my cousin Jared up to meet me and he got on and rode the third leg of the race about 45 miles into Afton Wyoming. In Afton Kacee (the Hammer) took over. Jared and I got in the car to meet Kacee at the next hand off point. As we were driving we would see groups and think she had to be in that group-Nope. About five groups up the road we find Kacee in the middle of a group of guys. We could tell by the numbers on their bikes that she was in a group of catagorized racers-and she was right in the mix! Needless to saw I was proud. Kacee ended up riding a quick 34 miles. The next exchange was not so smooth. Uncle Brent still had my bike in the back of his truck so Jared had to get back on and ride until Brent caught up and took me up to meet Jared. From there I rode the rest of the way into Teton Village. This was the most beautiful part of the ride. With mountains on either side and the Snake River winding next to the road I could not have asked for a better scene to ride in. The best part of the day was when I crossed the finish line. Not because I was tired after riding 92+ miles or because out of 58 teams we came in a down right respectable 21st but because of our team name. Jared named our team "Pretty Pink Ponies." When I crossed the finish line the announcer, over the loud speaker, says, "Welcome to Jackson Hole the Pretty Pink Ponies." Then with a sort of confused sound in his voice-because he can see four guys names on the computer screen he says, "Pretty Pink Ponies? Welcome guys." It was great!

So after 10hrs and 16 min we finished the 206 mile LOTOJA race. It was a fun experience and I am already looking forward to next year.

PS. The kits we are wearing are Crystal Springs Cattle Company kits. That is Uncle Brents cattle business name. Special thanks goes out to My Mom, Dad and Sisters who all helped with the girls, Uncle Brent and Aunt Michelle for toting us around and supporting us, and Grandma and Grandpa Stewart for driving into Afton to cheer us on-Thanks guys!

'Till next time~Late

Monday, September 8, 2008

We survived Lotoja

This past weekend Tyler and I and a couple of his cousins rode a relay from Logan to Jackson Hole. We had the funnest time. Thanks to my wonderful in-laws and Camie and Randy who kept our girls for us. I was able to catch Tyler in action while I was driving. What a hottie!! We finished in 10 hours and 15 minutes. Not bad.